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HR Coil, on the other hand, are rolled in standardized steel mills which have provisions for qualitative improvements in the product. HR Coil are made using slabs, blooms and billets of iron ore. These slabs, blooms and billets are cast from pure material. The quality of HR Coil is compliant with international standards because of their standardized manufacturing process and use of top quality raw materials. The surface finish of HR Coil is uniform and smooth owing to the superior quality of raw material and advanced manufacturing process. The thickness and consistency of HR Coil is uniform and smooth. The variation in the width of HR Coil or coils is limited. HR Coil follow a technically advanced manufacturing process, which ensures that the product follows the standards uniformly with regards to physical properties.Hot Rolled (HR) Coils are high grade steel coils that are used for industrial applications. Hot rolled coils are manufactured by rolling steel at a temperature above the natural recrystallization temperature of steel. Since they are made at such high temperatures, the hot rolled steel coils are more flexible to be shaped and formed into different forms than the cold rolledsheets. Hot rolled steel coils can be distinguished by their scaly grey finish, along with rounded and less defined corners. They are used in machining, metalworking or applications that do not need extremely precise dimensions.


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