Steel Hardware

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Metal Hardware are metal products used in construction, such as: bolts, nails, screws (rough hardware); fittings such as latches, hinges, locks, etc. (finish hardware); tools.

Rough hardware : In building construction, hardware meant to be concealed, such as bolts, nails, screws, spikes, and other metal fittings.

Finish hardware : Hardware, such as hinges, locks, tower bolt, latches, etc., that has a finished appearance as well as a function, esp. that used with doors, windows, and cabinets; may be considered part of the decorative treatment of a room or building.

Hinges : A movable joint used to attach, support, and turn a door (or cover) about a pivot; consists of two plates joined together by a pin which support the door and connect it to its frame, enabling it to swing open or closed.

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