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 Hot Rolled Steel Plates (HR plates) : Hot Rolled (HR) Plate is manufactured from high quality rolling slabs, using specialised hot rolling process at high temperatures. The hot rolling process is carried out at temperatures above the normal recrystallization temperature of the raw material (steel). Hot rolled sheets show greater formability and can be cut into any desired shape and size. They are used in a wide variety of industries, including automobile, construction, transport and many more.

 Hot Rolled Steel Sheets (HR Sheets) : Hot Rolled (HR) Steel Sheets are industrial grade flat steel sheets with a rectangular cross-section. They are manufactured at elevated temperatures on rolling mills from steel slabs or billets. They form a major source of raw material in the manufacturing and infrastructure segment thanks to its distinct mechanical properties, quality and versatility. Like all other hot rolled products, hot rolled sheets have got a rough texture with a slightly bluish-grey finish.

The process of hot rolling eases the process of shaping and forming steel into desired forms. Compared to the cold rollingprocess, hot rolling is easier to execute and is cheaper too. They are preferred in applications where set degrees of tolerances are not mandatory.

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